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Although nowadays more and more hotels are opened in a region, let alone five-star hotels and four, then the corresponding laws of the market then accretion will lower room occupancy rate, but if supported by the national economic growth is well developed, visits of trade, government offices as well as meetings and seminars will be increasingly so the occupancy rate will persist or even increase.
Some things to consider for the owner and manager of the hotel is the climate of the pre-globalization where competition has become very tight in all types of business, including hospitality. Likewise, guests of the hotel, because even if financed firms but their allowance per day (per diem allowance) is also restricted so that the concerned will automatically try to cut corners, among others, by finding a good hotel at a rate appropriate “value for money”, which means the services and facilities provided in accordance with the value of money to be paid.
While most major marketing networks (as done also by the international hotel chain) is through the local (domestic) sales executives who are experienced and have a number of accounts, supported the chain of convention organizers, central reservation systems and travel agencies are also a reliable, domestic and abroad.

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