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Basic Hotel Service

Professional Services

QR provides a complete range of professional services, which are designed to give specialized assistance to all clients, hotel owners and developers. Services offered include:

–          Hotel development with or without an international brand name

–          Concept development of hotels

–          Overseeing construction of hotels and technical services

–          Managing and operating hotels

–          Management advisory service

–          Niche marketing of hotels

–          Full marketing services

–          Executive search and recruitment for the hospitality industry

Our services are vertically integrated to assure continued client support during the lengthy and highly complex life of a hotel.

  1. Management Advisory Services

Perhaps the most fundamental requirement of any organization is the ability of management to exercises control based on up-to-date and relevant information. The benefits to be derived from enhanced financial awareness and control are considerable and can make a major contribution towards maximizing the strength on handling the decline of a hotel.

Services provided for clients encompass the whole spectrum of business entity and include:

–          Assisting a hotel to develop its strategic planning including the setting up of corporate objectives and formulation of short and long-term operation plans.

–          Advising a hotel on schemes for profitability improvement, rationalization of activities, better resource utilization and cost reduction programs.

–          Advising on short and long term financial planning, including budgeting and budgetary control systems.

–          Reviewing the extent to which existing management information systems support a hotel’s current and future objectives and policies.

2.  Hotel  Development Services

The development services provided by QR is divided into five phases:

Phase I :

covers initial tasks of analyzing exact feasibility of new hotel project: market position and share; financial projections based on a realistic appraisal of market share and foreseeable trading conditions.

Concept and Philosophy

An overview of the proposed owner’s project outlining type of hotel, location, market, initial assumptions for the feasibility of building hotel in a particular destination, and results expected from the development and how it fits to owner’s business portfolio.

Market Study/Impact Analysis

A review of the market and its conditions in which market the hotel will take share. This will also cover an analysis on how the new hotel will affect the market in respect of its competitors, number of available rooms of the destination, visitor arrivals.

Strategies and Positioning

Following a thorough market analysis, we will be able to make initial recommendations on how the hotel should be positioned in the market. In other words, the markets which the hotel should cater, for optimum profitability, and how the product should be configured – to the of its market segment. The fundamental operating, pricing and marketing strategies for the hotel will derive from these information..

Financial Planning and Cash Flow Projections.

Having determined the scope and nature of the project, we will be able to provide an outline of the finance required, a cash flow analysis and 10-year cash flow projection.

The various components of Phase I will be reported to the owner in a compiled concise report in the process of assessing the project’s viability.



Phase II :

describes the services and steps assumed the project is assessed as sound and viable: the actual planning and project development supervision, including standards of construction, design, operation and marketing.

Having established that the project in hand is feasible, we will be able to move on to the next phase of detailing the actual configuration of the product in terms of construction, design, facilities and operations set up:

Project Definition

The optimum number of rooms, food and beverage outlets and kinds of facilities will be facilitated by the hotel to best tap its target market. This will include master list of all profit centers and outlets.


Obtaining or providing most appropriate guidelines and manuals on planning, constructions, safety, training and service standards. The these manuals will enable the hotel operator to supervise the project development and subsequent operation to the highest international standards.

Detailed Study on Project’s Impact on Community

  • Competing facilities (i.e.: accommodation, entertainment, food & beverage)
  • Local demand for the above
  • Manpower
  • Available technology
  • Local produce, parts, etc.

Concept Development, will cover the following:

  • Size
  • Exterior (height of building, façade in relation to surroundings)
  • Interior
  • Safety/Fire standards
  • Kitchen layouts
  • Restaurant concepts and designs
  • PABX
  • Computerization

This phase will generate a report to owners on the parameters of the product.

An action plan will be established with timings for working with architects, site team and management team.

Phase III :

details the steps we will undertake in business and marketing planning.

Business Philosophy

Establishing the trading goals of the hotel and business philosophy that will apply to all deals related to the project.

Economic and political Operating Climate

A detailed review of prevailing economic and political situation of the destination where the hotel operates and other industry in general. This includes government policies vis-à-vis travel industry, economic development plans, etc.

Marketing and Pricing

An outline of the main marketing strategies used to position and sell the hotel. Pricing strategies will be derived from this marketing analysis.

Business Plan

The business goals, philosophy, economic and political climates, key marketing and pricing strategies, will be detailed in the business plans focusing on:

  • Marketing and Sales
  • Food and Beverage
  • Operations

Phase IV:

covers actual pre-opening period, all aspects of operations, human resources and marketing, where business plans are executed.

Pre-Opening Schedules / Critical Path

A comprehensive and detailed listing of all areas of operations, human resources and marketing, and their timings of launches etc. will be drawn.


Recruitment of all key staff in early pre-opening stage, leading to full recruitment as required in the manning guide.


Training Programs will be established simultaneously with each stage of recruitment.


Professional supervision and execution of all pre-opening purchasing required, including setting up purchasing systems.

Pre-Opening Marketing

This covers pre-opening advertising in key source markets and supported by public relations activities in market as well as local community.

Pre-opening sales activities (completed with collateral such as brochures, posters, flyers, etc) will also be activated in key markets, relevant trade and road shows as per marketing plan.

Phase V :

This Phase involves the ongoing operation of the hotel that entails preparing annual business plans and full budgets in consultation with the owner.


QR has a division that specializes in travel-related services marketing, and has extensive experience in hospitality industry, QR also maintains experienced sales unit with extensive affiliations with travel industry in the Asia / Pacific region. Clients can avail themselves of  fully-dedicated sales and marketing organization, this means QR will acquire clients’ identity office for any sales and marketing efforts.

QR Marketing Advantage

QR      can deliver more sales and marketing service to its clients at a lower cost.

QR      has extensive networks in the Asia/Pacific region and is able to reach agents and key industry personnel to sell clients products.

QR      is expert in advertising and promoting hotels through consumer media, trade media and direct mail.

QR      maintains a list of over 300 wholesalers, tour operators and travel agents.

QR      knows how to obtain maximum impact on clients through public relations through a carefully orchestrated program of press releases and events

QR      makes assure clientele receive frequent and positive media attention.

QR      maintains a press list of over 300 trade and selected consumer media in the Asia/Pacific region as well as Europe.

QR      also has a network of sales agents throughout the Asia/Pacific region that will provide necessary client and maximize call opportunities.


Manpower Development

QR Hotels training programs, either pre-opening, refreshing or upgrading, are professionally tailored to meet the operational standard of each individual hotel.

In-House Consultation Services

Assisting and advising the Hotel Managers and Owners in implementing service improvement and cost efficiency programs, encompassing

(1)               Operation Efficiency

(2)               Cost-Control

(3)               Marketing / Business Plan

(4)               Administration  & Financial Management

(5)               Human Resources Development

Reservations, Representation and Franchising.





QR Hotels, will make available its experience and know-how in designing and planning of the hotel, thereby provides the Owners with comprehensive assistance in the development phase of the hotel.

The service shall comprise advice to the Owner on:

Stage I    Project Planning & Design:

–          Architecture,

–          Interior Design,

–          FF & E,

–          M & E,

–          Art Work,

–          Etc.

Stage II           Project Monitoring & Coordinating:

–          Construction,

–          Installation,

–          Etc.

Stage III         Preparation for Opening:

–          Budget,

–          Forecast,

–          Training Program,

–          Etc.



From the signing of the agreement usually at the earliest stage of the project development, until the complement of the project as per schedule mutually agreed upon.



Professional fee:

Based on the project value or total number of rooms.





(*)        Develop Pre-opening plan and operating systems / manuals.

(*)        Staffing operating personnel

(*)        Review & monitoring budgets and all arriving FF&E

(*)        Develop selection of amenities and hotel rules and regulations,

(*)       Etc.


For hotel project with QR Hotels’ on-going Operational Management Service (separate agreement) will also include the following:

(*)        Market and promote the property (pre-selling activities) including a comprehensive hotel Marketing Plan based on:

#          Site / Product Analysis

#          Demand Analysis

#          Forecast operating results

#          Develop anchor programs for all hotel departments and

sales  offices.

#          Development of media and promotion schedules

#          Development of reservation procedures,

#          Etc.



From 12 to 6 months before the opening of the hotel, until 14 days after the opening of the hotel to public, which date is subject to mutual agreement between QR Hospitality and the Owner.



Professional Fees:

All the fees shall be made payable to QR Hotels, free of all local taxes, duties and impositions whatsoever imposed by any government or sub-division thereof.





Detailed descriptions scope of work for the On-going Management & Marketing Service are laid down in a comprehensive management agreement (available on request), among others are:

(*)        Plant Physical Operations

(*)        Human Resources Training

(*)        Marketing & Sales Management

(*)        Financial planning & analysis

(*)        Room Management.

(*)        Housekeeping Management

(*)        Food and Beverage Management

(*)        Security

(*)        Recreation Management

(*)        Laundry & Valet service Management

(*)        Purchasing Management

(*)        Accounting Management

(*)        Preventive Operational Maintenance Energy and Cost

(*)        Technical Consultation throughout the agreement



Initial period of 10 (ten) years, effective from the day Hotel is open for public, and shall continue under the terms and conditions specified in the management agreement and an optimal renewal for 2 (two) consecutive terms of 5 (five) years each.


Management Fee

Depending on size, location, number of rooms and outlets, as well as star-rating.

Basic Management Fee

From minimum: 4% to maximum: 8% of monthly Hotel Gross Revenue.

Incentive Management Fee

Applicable as from the day the Hotel is open for public, between: 6% to 10% of annual Hotel GOP

Marketing & Sales Liaison Office Services:

Percentage of Gross Room revenue

Corporate Advertising:

Percentage of Gross Room Revenue.




QR Hospitality provides comprehensive assessments for new resort and hotel project, which include the following components:

  • Site analysis and evaluation
  • Market and area analysis and evaluation
  • Supply and demand analysis
  • Facilities and concept development recommendations
  • Projected operating results and financial viability incl. Profit & Loss forecast.
  • Return on investment analysis


8 to 12 weeks after signing of the agreement including stage-I- payment as well as descriptive project data from the Project Owner.


Professional Fee:

Depending on size, complexity and location of the project.


“Joint management” company is a new concept in the hospitality industry. Historically, hotel developers were faced with two options when they built a hotel – to sign up with hotel chain in a binding management contract lasting 10 years with absolutely no-say in day to day operation, or go alone and run the hotel by themselves, either as stand alone unit with its own name or under franchise.

Today, hotel owners, owning companies and developers become increasingly disenchanted with these limited options. Whilst they object to the absolute rigidity of the “hands off” approach of most current management contracts, some owners may not be willing to invest the time and effort nor have the expertise to run their hotel operations. Under these circumstances the ideal solution is the JOINT MANAGEMENT COMPANY.

This formula involves the setting up of a fifty-fifty joint management company between the hotel owning company and QR. This joint management company then signs a management contract with the hotel under consideration. The management fees derived after payment of profit tax is set towards paying a US$.100,- per room per annum service-fee for their part in the day-to-day hotel operation. The resulting net profit is split 50%-50% between owning company and QR.

Under this arrangement, hotel ownership is freed from the daily hassle of the “nuts and bolts” of running a hotel and allowing themselves the flexibility be involved in major decision, as they may wish to be. In this way, hotel ownership can play an active role in a major investment.

This following is a summary of the role that both joint venture partners will play in the Joint Management Company.


There will be Board of Directors comprising six people – three from QR and other three from the owning company. Chairmanship of the Board is rotated. Every year, and the first Chairman will be coming from QR.

Board meetings will be held once a month or as requested by the Directors and meetings are to be conducted in the hotel under operation or at a mutually agreed upon venue.

Board decisions are required to establish policies and procedures for the general operation of the hotel.

A budget is set at the beginning of every fiscal year and all capital and re-furbishement expenditure is to be approved

The Board is to be involved in the approval of business plan, drawn up by QR.


A business plan is drawn up during the hotel pre-opening period together with action plan and regularly at prior to each fiscal year covering following areas in detail:

Local Market Information,



Detail budge, etc.

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