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Although nowadays more and more hotels are opened in a region, let alone five-star hotels and four, then the corresponding laws of the market then accretion will lower room occupancy rate, but if supported by the national economic growth is well developed, visits of trade, government offices as well as meetings and seminars will be […]

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Recently created our company is committed to providing colleagues from the International Hospitality Industry with all aspect of Hotel Management which includes Operational Aspects: Front and Back of the house.
Human Resources and Training Support is considered one the critical part of this industry because hotel operations only can be performed by ‘people’ and can not […]

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Ulce Irithrina Sudjateruna SH.

Notaris dan Pejabat Pembuat Akta Tanah  (PPAT) di Bali
Office of Notary Public and Land Deed Official  in Bali
Berdasarkan :
Keputusan Menteri Kehakiman dan Hak Azazi Manusia Republik Indonesia
Nomor        :   C-  96 .HT.03.02-Th.2004 
Kami adalah Pejabat Notaris dan Pembuat Akta Tanah yang tersumpah berkomitmen  untuk  membantu  anda  dalam pembentukan perjanjian,  pengikatan jual beli, pembentukan […]

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Because the hotel said in Indonesian as the writing and pronunciation in English, meaning the hotel we can see from the dictionary Indonesian and English. In terms of Indonesian, can we trace definition from the dictionary of Indonesian. KBBI hotel defines as:-room building lots are rented as a place to stay and places to eat […]

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